Monday, December 15, 2014

Chasing snow.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Mckenzie/Fake (see why I'll never have a double barrelled name? Fake goes with NOTHING!!)  household... My kids adore snow. Ian would rather it snowed all year round than have a summer :)
So, we took a daytrip up to the Cairngorms, less day more hour drive, to visit the Lecht Ski Centre. It wasn't open as there was not quite enough snow to Ski. But, we did have great fun in the car park. We weren't the only ones to go chasing snow. Although they took a sledge which we totally didn't think of - Ooops!!
We stopped a nice little coffee shop on the way back to grab a slice of Christmas cake and hot drink. And that is where I found my lovely candle holder. I love it. It was about £7 and is just so very pretty.
Elfie (who I shall blog about later in the week) has made himself at home and watches for any children edging towards the Naughty List. Also watching for Mummies or Daddies that might be heading that way too, I left one coffee cup on the floor haha!!

Are you having a nice Festive time? Enjoying the wintery goodness? I do hope so...


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Taking time to truly love where we live...

Now a graveyard next door may not be to everyone's liking but I love it. The history, the memories and the stunning evening light that casts over it at this time of year.

We have some Hydrangea bushes to plant soon, well if the frost would just go away so I can plant them that is. The ground was to hard this morning. But the frost is pretty so I don't mind too much.

 The kids and I have been making the most of dry, if somewhat cold days. There have been plenty of bike rides (and one very understanding Landlord who despite nearly running me over whilst taking this picture still stopped to say hi to the kids!)

I have no idea what these flowers are but I love them. They are so truly pretty...

But all that fresh air tired someone out. Walked in her room to see that tiny butt in the air and snoring coming from under that mop of hair... how do kids sleep like that? Does not look comfy to me...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Man shaped scones are scary


We decided to make Scones on Sunday. We got the cutters out. Triangles, Rectangles, Hearts and erm, Gingerbread men were chosen. If you are wondering Men shaped scones end up a bit Voodoo. And if you are daft enough to add sultanas, ground ginger and mixed spice to make Christmas scones they look even worse! Haha...
But we enjoyed them, despite their black magic appearance...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gingerbread House, a crochet decoration

Remember I posted about crocheting some little candies here? Well, they became this Gingerbread House. It's a brilliant pattern from Issue 59 of Inside Crochet. I knew I wanted to make it the moment I saw it! I made a few changes.
I used red DK for the door. Not the yellow aran weight suggested. And the lollipops were also in DK as I wasn't buying the 2 different aran weight balls suggested for the tiny bit of yarn that would have been required. So the whole thing is made from DK. Good old Stylecraft Special DK. I also made my houses 'innards' from plastic canvas not cardboard (this also meant that I didn't have to crochet a base either! Speedier...)

I am in love with this Gingerbread House. It is the perfect Christmas decoration. I hope it will be taken out every year and become part of the kids Christmas Memory banks.

Are you making any Christmas decorations this year? I had plans to make more crochet decorations (probably a tree too was in that list haha) but as always time slips away amongst book reading, baking and making the most of the days we can get outside


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bang, Pop, Whizz... fireworks

Ear defenders - check
Whirly Light Toy - check
Rain - check
Beautiful Fireworks - check
Donation for local Scout group - check

Ian getting over his dislike of loud fireworks to stand like a trooper watching them and then declare that his favourite bit of the night was 'All of it, I loved it all' - was just amazing!

Did you make it to a Bonfire display?


Monday, November 10, 2014

Autumn gardening and feeding the birds

This week we have been planting more daffodils, tidying up the garden some more and feeding the birds.

Our garden is loved by all manner of little wild birds, robins, blue tits and many others which I've yet to study and find the names. I will this year though as Ian got a great RSPB British bird book from the Librarys 50p book shelf :)

So glad we planted the Daffodils before Jack Frost paid us his first visit of the season. The Lavender which has been growing wildly may finally realise that summer is over.

So, now winter can arrive in my little corner of the world. We have Daffodils planted and the wood shed is stocked... Are you ready for winter?


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Autumn is most certainly here...

It was very cold and very wet yesterday. Yet my red wellies, Gary the Gargoyle, Iona and myself dragged ourselves (well not Gary he lives there) outside to start tidying up the herby border and plant some Daffodils. Which we only got because they were half price in the old supermarket. We were going to get tulips this year instead but Daffodils it is...

Someone really loved the waterproof suit a friend passed down to her. 'Mum! I can splash and stay dry. It's like magic'

I also may have bought a new mug. It was so pretty and very timely with Remembrance day being very soon. The monument in the Kirkyard next door has had it's annual power wash and the poppy wreaths from last year have been removed. Ready for this years service.

 And we bought some rather unusual heather. It's erm, painted? Not quite sure why as the new growth comes through green as you can just make out. But they were being sold for less than 50p so I figured they would make great ground cover to hopefully help with our weed issue in the garden.

I don't mind the yellow Poppies, or even the Dandelions but what is really becoming the bain of my life in the front garden is Ground Elder. Oh my, does that stuff get everywhere. It fights with moss in the space where there should be a lawn. Instead we have a giant green mossy sponge with ground elder haha...

Iona really liked the orange heather and was convinced she was a great helper and that she was 'strongest' to carry all my pots for me. We have one heather that suffered a carrying related tumble and may or may not make it...

Hopefully this Autumn sees a few more plans for the garden happening. Anyone else make far more plans than you can possibly have time for? Or is that just me? But this year I plan on spending less time just browsing the internet or watching crap on the TV and actually just getting stuff done instead...


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