Monday, September 15, 2014

Bear or lamb? Sewing again. Cozy Winter Hood

So, I've had the Oliver + S Little Things To Sew for ages. I made the Red Riding Hood a while ago. And the Sunhats pattern has been a favourite since getting the book. The Cozy Winter Hood has been on my To Do List for far too long.
In a bid to clear out my stash of fabric I had a check and realised I had enough cream cord to make one. Yay! And the scraps of brushed cotton my Mum gave me from when she made Iona's blanket were just perfect for the lining and ear inners. So soft and snuggly.

Then on further erm, organisation (not a word or action I use very often at home haha) I had leftover red cord from the Red Riding Hood! So I made Ian one too... he wouldn't entertain a photo shoot with it it on, you know because he's at big school now and being Primary 1 makes him far too big and grown up to pretend to be a bear or lamb. I seriously can't decide if these hoods look like bears or due to the ear placements that they look more like cute little lambs. Either way I love them...

I also love doing a little sewing as it's a great excuse to use my strawberry pincushion. I got this from Tracy at Mad About Bags about 4/5 years ago and it's my favourite and best pin cushion. Just the right size and super cute too. I do love the lovely people I have 'met' whilst blogging.

Luckily this girl was (kind of) willing to pose as a red Lamb... am I the only one who thinks of Red sheep for red jumpers and blue sheep for blue jumpers whilst looking at this hood? Or was that just my Dad that told us that after asking him why some sheep were black and some white?... just my Dad then haha.

Ian did as always, save me his Jammy Heart as thanks for the hood. He has NEVER eaten the centre of a Jammy Dodger or the centre of a Doh-Ring. Really he bites around the hole and leaves it. It cracks me up.

So, lamb or bear these hoods are cute and were actually really easy to sew.
Hope you are all ready for Autumn... or Spring depending on your position on this planet...


Pattern Cozy Winter Hood from Oliver+S Little Things To Sew
Fabric Cream Cord, Red Cord, Brushed Cotton,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Long overdue sewing

Now the wee guy is at school and the school dinners seem to be going down well, we needed a wallet for them. Couldn't find one that was small and child friendly in the local shops. So, I finally got round to making one for him. Using some comic word fabric I've had for a while. Perfect!

And the Bunny bum slippers are still being worn and they are apparently great for boing-ing in

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Picking apples and finding fairies

Midgies, the bain of many a Scots life. They just seem to gather wherever you want to go... but this evening we seemed to have fairies instead.

We have plenty of apples ready for the picking just now, or the eating if you happen to be a garden variety bird or wasp...

 I thought I had better grab some of the ripe ones, but quickly realised that my jumper was not going to be enough. A quick wobbly run to the garage later and massive plastic crate to the rescue. So, so many apples. If anyone knows a great apple chutney recipe please, please let me know.


See? So many apples. Still so many on the tree... and I still have to tackle the tonne or so of Elderberries. Send help, and jars. Lots of jars!!


Crochet, a neon doily cowl

I've had the Doily Cowl by the lovely Stacey (of Crochet Mood Blanket fame.) on my to do list for a while. But I just hadn't found the right yarn. You know how it is, every yarn you pick up just isn't quite right. Then you spy the new colour way for a yarn in your Mum's wool shop and you buy it. Then get home and at first have no idea what you are going to make with the amazing yarn you just bought... Then it hit me - a cosy, neon version of the Doily Cowl. Perfect!
 So, here it is. My new favourite crochet neon soft and squishy Doily Cowl. Oh and a cactus pincushion, just because!

Pattern by Stacey from Issue 54 of Inside Crochet (May/June 2014)
Yarn - Neon, King Cole Riot DK

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Of mice and... bunny bums

An adorable pair of sleepy mouse slippers for a friends baby led to Iona requesting some bunny ones. Now I was thinking she meant a cute face and ears sort of affair. But no, after crocheting the slipper base I asked her what colour she wanted for the ears - pink or purple. Oh, how she laughed. 'No, silly Mummy. I was asking for Bunny bums. That's what I was talking about. Bunny tails. Not ears!'
Of course. How could I be so silly? Crochet bunny bum slippers it is then... Much easier than ears and noses it has to be said. And they are adorable to boot.
So, that's what I've been making this week...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nearly but not quite Autumn...

It's a funny time of year, September. It's a time for me of wanting Autumn to arrive with it's cosiness and spicy smells. But, also wanting to keep the sunny outside all day weather.
We have the first apples of the season ready for picking and eating straight from the three. Soon, it'll be time to find ways to store the glut of apples offour second tree. We've tried new biscuit recipes to find our favourites for Autumn baking and look! Our sunflower has finally opened...
Today it is a glorious summery day, but I'm inside with Iona who is distraught that the silly electric company is cutting down a lot of trees down at the church's carpark. She keeps asking me why but I have no logical explanation for why... nobody warns of you these kiddy questions do they?

Friday, August 29, 2014

We watched some cars and found a frog...

Last Sunday we tagged along with Steve to an off road car thingy that his Nephew was taking part in. The kids loved it. Ian found a frog and a newt (or lizard as he shouted). Three things, the cars were loud and he didn't mind, he got covered in mud and didn't mind and he actually picked up the slimy frog!!! Go wee man!! Iona however, was in her element. Mud, cars, wildlife and being allowed to sit on the bonnet of my little 4x4. BBC Alba were filming there for their sort of version of Top Gear. Not being aired til January or February of next year though... The kids loved watching them film and Ian was very inquisitive asking the poor cameramen about a million questions...
Here are just a few of the pictures I took