Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wolf hat, simple yet cute.

Crochet wolf hat, ear close up

Now, Iona has a whole pile of crochet and knitted hats... Ian not so much. Poor wee guy only has 2 that fit him.
After a quick trip to Mum's wool shop I got some Stylecraft Chunky Life Prints in Dapple Grey. Ian likes wolves a lot just now. So, a wolf hat!

It was simple beanie style, textured edge and simple ears with fluffy bits on the edge.
We like our hats a little on the longer side. But this one fits Ian perfectly.

Here's how I made it, should fit ages 5-10 approx.

To make your own you will need

Stylecraft Chunky Life Prints in Dapple Grey
5.5mm Hook

Start with a magic circle and chain 2 (chain counts as stitch throughout),
1. 9htr into the loop, join to starting chain 2 with slip stitch(10 stitches)
 2. Chain 2, *2htr in next htr, 1htr* 10 times, slip stitch to top of chain 2 (30st)
3. Chain 2, *1htr in next htr, 2htr in next htr, 1htr* 10 times, slip stitch to chain (40st)
4. Chain 2, *htr in next 2 htr, 2htr in next htr, 1 htr* 10 times, slip stitch to chain (50st)
5. Chain 2, *htr in next 8htr, 2htr in next htr, 1 htr* 10 times, slip stitch to chain (55st)
6-18. Chain 2, Htr across round, slip stitch to chain
19-20. Chain 1, *DC in front loop, DC in back loop* across round, slip stitch to chain.
Fasten off yarn and weave in ends

Ears (make 2)

Start with magic loop and chain 2 (counts as stitch)
5htr into loop,
Working in spirals (not joining with a slip stitch)
6 htr,
2htr in 1st htr, htr in next 2 htr, 2htr in next htr, htr in next 2 htr
2htr in 1st htr, htr in next 3 htr, 2htr in next htr, htr in next 2 htr
2htr in 1st htr, htr in next 4 htr, 2htr in next htr, htr in next 2 htr
Htr in each htr for 2 rounds.
Fasten off yarn but leave a long tail for sewing ears to hat.

Fuzzy ear edge,
cut lengths of yarn to about 5 cm and attach to one edge of each ear as if attaching tassles (put hook through stitch, with yarn strip held in half use hook to pull through the stitch, push ends of tail through the loop just pulled through and tighten)
carefully seperate the strands of the yarn
trim tassles to a neater shorter length.

Now sew the ears to hat, stretching gently as you do. I actually (!!) used pins when doing this so the ears looked right.

Hope that all makes sense :) and please let me know if you make one.

Thanks for reading


Crocheting colour

This week has been a productive one. After the illness of the Tattie holidays it has been good to get back to school and get a routine again.

I am making a start on Christmas crochet, these little sweets are just so cute. And thanks to Lulu Loves little pattern in this months Inside Crochet I have had a light bulb moment 'Aah that's how you make stripey circles'. Honestly so simple yet I never thought it haha! Thanks Emma!!

And Iona's new hat is just so squishy and colourful, a bit like herself. Except she is more boney than squishy ;) It's made with Stylecrafts new yarn Carnival Chunky. This colourway is called Rio and is just beautiful.

We have been very lucky too this week, getting a handmade crochet hook and some wooden trees from my StepDad who has a new lathe...

I also have a little pattern to put up here later.... it was a howl to make...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kitty Cat Dress Up for my favourite... Halloween!

I needed a costume for Halloween, the kids have a school disco and as I have somehow ended up the vice chair of the PTA I thought I had best dress up. I wanted something that would be homemade, easy and wear again-able. Although I admit that wearing Cat ears to the supermarket may be step to far!

So, I suddenly remembered that I had seen a pattern for cat ears in Inside Crochet... after searching my stack of mags I discovered it in Issue 57 so I had some Stylecraft Special DK in black and a fun Bright Pink (both of which are quite hard to take decent photos of, or at least I struggle with them)

The kids don't normally help me out with photographing products but for some reason they were both keen to help me this time :)

The one change I did make was I didn't make the crochet cover for the headband. Instead I just crocheted the ears directly to the headband. The headband had teeth on it and I wanted them to keep the headband in place while running around a Halloween disco party...
Are you going Trick or Treating this Halloween? We can't locally as we live pretty much in a field and the cows and sheep don't like sharing their sweets.  Are you making your own costumes or buying in? We have bought the kids with little handmade extras, spiders and a whole load of Glow in the dark face paint to be painted on those little faces!...


Pattern: Kitty Cat Dress Up from Issue 57 of Inside Crochet
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Black and Dark Pink

Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Panda scarf, they are addictive...

Remember this Purple Panda scarf? Well, I made another one. But this time a gorgeous Turquoise colour. They are quite easy to make and that long bit in the middle, whilst it is a bit boring and time consuming does make great TV crochet. Something to keep my hands busy while I watch some of the Autumn TV on cold evenings...

I used a 5mm hook and Stylecraft DK for this one. The purple one was a 4.5mm hook and the size difference is quite a bit. But as the small purple one is for pixie like Iona it was perfect...

What series on the TV are you waiting for? I'm waiting for Criminal Minds to start again this evening (with Jennifer Love Hewitt! yay!) and The Big Bang Theory on Thursday. Oh I do love Autumn TV :)

Thanks for reading xx

Pattern: Panda Scarf by Bees Knees Knitting on Ravelry and Etsy
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Turquoise and cream
Hook: 5mm

Friday, October 17, 2014

Adoring Autumn

Autumn is just my favourite time of year. The colours, the nip in the air, the smells and the food. And this year the butterflies. We have loads of these pretty things hanging around (a lot in the house much to the kids delight).
The darker evenings have meant some lovely bathtimes for the kids. With their new fishy lamp and some glow sticks in the tub (of which I have some super cute photos of the bath water glowing green but I'm not posting those on my blog as the kids wouldn't sit still to keep their bits n bobs hidden). This Fishy lamp thing and the starry one they also got were from good old Asda. In the aisle with the light bulbs(lamps, I can hear my Dad scream, bulbs are onions or garlic or daffodils they'll no light your living room) if you were wondering. A few people looked online but couldn't find them on Asda website though :(

Conkers have been collected and warming bowls of potatoes with an Indian spiced tomato sauce and parsley and Wendsleydale cheese have been consumed. Now we are looking forward to Halloween and all the spooky goodness that will bring...

Hope you are having a cosy beginning of Autumn and thank you for stopping by my blog x

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Sheep, a very awkward sheep.

You know when you see something and think 'Oo, that would be lovely in this yarn!'? Well, I did that with this Toft Alpaca pattern for an Amigumuri Sheep in an old issue of Simply Crochet. The body was easy enough in Stylecraft DK. But the fleece, oh the fleece. It was a labour of love I'll tell ya. It's a simple way to make a fleecey coat on this sweet lamb. But using King Cole Riot was not a great idea. I mean it's a lovely yarn and one of my favourites but attaching chains to the body in in was a nightmare. It is a single strand kind of wool and is a little (read as a LOT) splitty. So the fleece took longer than the rest of the sheep including sewing the arms, legs and ears on... But, he is cute and I am so pleased I forced myself to finish him or he may have sat for a long time in my 'Why did I start this?' pile. Not to be confused with my WIP pile, hehe.

What project have you started then wondered why on earth it sounded like a good idea at the time? I can't be the only one who does that...

Pattern: Toft Alpaca Amigumuri Sheep. Also in book Edwards Menagrie and also in this Epattern from the site Sheep Ten Ways (ten different breeds of sheep in one pattern! So need to get me that)
Yarn: Stylecraft DK in Claret and King Cole Riot in Volcano

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Crochet Pumpkins.

Titchy tiny pumpkins... I just can't stop making these little things in various colours of Autumn.

So simple to make too,

Simply grab some DK yarn in orangey/yellow tones and some green for the stalks. Brilliant stash busting crochet.

With a 4mm hook and orangey yarn (or 3.5 if you crochet loosely)
Chain 12

DC in 2nd chain from hook, HTC across but DC in last chain, chain 1 and turn
DC in back loop of first DC, HTC in back loop of each HTC across but DC in back loop of last DC, chain 1 and turn
Repeat 2nd row until you have approx 30 rows.
Now fasten off yarn but leave a long tail.
Using a yarn needle, use a running stitch and sew across one long end.
Pull the yarn tight so the long end is bunched up, carefully sew the short ends together, now using a running stitch sew along the other long end, pull yarn slightly and stuff pumpkin. Pull yarn tighter so both ends of the pumpkin are closed. Secure pulling end with a few stitches across bottom and weave in end.

Now with the green yarn Chain 5 and slip stitch into each chain starting with 2nd chain from hook. Cut yarn but leave a long tail.
Sew the stalk to the pumpkin, but sew right through the centre of pumpkin to the bottom and then back up to the stalk and pull yarn tightly to create a squashy looking pumpkin as you sew on stalk.
Secure yarn and weave in ends.

And there you have it a simple little pumpkin.

Using a
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