Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anna & Elsa crochet hats - an easy pattern

I was asked to make a friend some hats for her little girl, she wanted crocheted Anna & Elsa hats with hair on the bottom. Seriously, I think I may be in a minority of people who are yet to see Frozen? Have you seen it? If you have girls under well, 101 I think you may well have done. As I hadn't I had a google firstly to see what they looked like and secondly to see if there were any patterns I could buy. I didn't see anything that looked quite 'right'. I wanted something simple with a small applique. I didn't want the hat too busy at was it was going to have plaits on the bottom.

This is what I came up with. I think they fit the bill just perfectly. Iona loves them and as I said, we haven't seen Frozen yet (it's a Christmas present for her so I may make her some of these hats to go with it).

I actually remembered to write down what I did (except the heart as I used a pattern from Ravelry but I can't remember whose I used. But any heart would work just as well.)

This hat will fit an average 3-5 year old. It nearly fits Ian, he has a big head (haha) but with an extra row of increase and two rows of shell pattern it'd fit him perfectly I'd think.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in Bright Pink and Claret for the Anna hat, with Cream and Copper for her hair.
For the Elsa hat I used Stylecraft Special DK in Turquoise, White and a pale blue which I lost the band for, with Cream and White for her hair.

Stitches used - htr : Half Treble (uk) or Half Double Crochet (us)
                       tr : Treble (uk) or Double (us)

Using a 4mm hook

Make a Magic Loop,
1. Chain 2 and 8htr into the loop (chain does count as a stitch throughout), slip st to chain
2. Chain 2, 2htr into each htr, slip stitch to chain
3. Chain 2, *2htr into first htr, htr into next htr* 9 times, sl st to ch
4. Chain 2, *2htr into first htr, htr into next 2 htr* 9 times, sl st to ch
5. Chain 2, *2htr into first htr, htr into next 3 htr* 9 times, sl st to ch
6. Chain 2, *2htr into first htr, htr into next 4 htr* 9 times, sl st to ch
7. Chain 2, *2htr into first htr, htr into next 5 htr* 9 times, sl st to ch
8. Chain 2, *2htr into first htr, htr into next 6 htr* 9times, sl st to ch
9. Chain 3, tr in each htr, sl st to ch
10. Chain 3, tr in first 10 tr, 2tr in next tr, tr in next 15 tr, 2tr in next tr, tr in next 15, 2tr in next tr, tr until end of row (so you are increasing by 3 stitches evenly around hat), sl st to ch
11. Chain 3, tr in each tr, sl st to ch
12. Chain 3, *3tr in first tr, skip next 2 tr* until end of round, sl st to ch
13-19 Repeat row 12, but at beginning of row sl st to centre tr of 3tr group before Chain 3,  sl st to ch .
20, Chain 2, htr in each tr, sl st to ch
21, Chain 2, htr in each tr, sl st to ch. Fasten off yarn and weave in ends.

For the Anna hat I did the main hat in Bright pink, swapping to Claret at row 20.

For the Elsa hat, I used Pale Blue for rows 1-11, White for rows 12-18, Turquoise for rows 19-20 and Pale Blue for row 21.

To add the hair, Cut lengths of yarn and attach 2 at a time in the bottom htr as if attaching a tassle and then plait them. (I used one white strand and one cream for Elsa's hair. I did 3 double strands of cream for the highlight in Anna's hair.) and tie them with a piece of yarn.

You can make a heart and attach to the Anna heart and a Snowflake to the Elsa hat of you like.

To make the snow flake I used a 4mm hook and Turquoise yarn

Make a Magic Loop
1. Chain 1, 12 dc into the magic loop,
2. Chain 3 (this counts as a tr), tr into next tr, chain 3, *tr in next 2 tr, chain 3* 4 times, sl st to chain
3. Sl st to next tr, sl st to next Chain 3 space, Chain 3 (doesn't count as st) *Cluster stitch (make a tr but leave two loops on hook, make another tr this time pulling yarn through the two loops left from previous tr too) chain 3, Cluster stitch* 6 times (in each chain space of previous row), sl st to chain stitches

4. Chain 2, *2htr, chain 3, 2htr* in each chain 3 space of previous row (12 times) sl st to chain stitches. Fasten off yarn and weave in ends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baubles, baubles, crochet baubles

I seem to be doing a lot of Christmas crochet without really realising it...
As soon as I bought the Simply Crochet Issue 23 I started the Bower Bird cover kit almost straight away. I have a confession to make, I've not made anything by the lovely Lucy of Attic 24 fame before. I know!! But this was fun to make and I can see a whole rainbow being made for my christmas tree.

Then I made the Hello Kitty that was also in the same magazine, sadly no photos as Iona has claimed her and has declared that Hello Kitty doesn't like the camera haha.

Anyone who follows my blog or Instagram will know that I just adore All About Ami and Stephanies wonderful patterns are some of my favourites. This time it was a Purple Panda Amigumuri Christmas Bauble that was next to be made. Using the scraps from Iona's Purple Panda Scarf this little grumpy panda was whipped up in no time. I didn't make the scraf that Stephanies pattern also has but I think this grumpy wee guy is perfect without one.

Have you started Christmas crafting yet? I'm hoping to have quite a few handmade items to give by Christmas so it's a good job I've started already eh?


Pattern Bower Bird from Simply Crochet
Yarn From kit (not the nicest red yarn but came out alright in the end)

Pattern Teddy Ornament by All About Ami
Yarn Stylecraft Special DK

Monday, September 22, 2014

Purple Panda Scarf, a start on christmas.

When I visited Mum at her shop last week she was working on a chunky Panda Scarf and I just knew I had to make one too!
After some 'Ooh, where'd you find that pattern?' and some 'Pleeeeaaassseee share you're secret' - Ok I could have googled it but it's much more fun annoying your Mum isn't it? hehe...
Finally (after a whole 2 minutes) she gave in and pointed me in the direction of Bees Knees Knitting Patterns, why had not see her patterns before? They are adorable.
As this Panda was destined to be Iona's christmas gift, I used a smaller hook (4.5) and DK wool. Just good old Stylecraft Special in a rich purple shade and cream. I am in love with this scraf and really, really am getting quite impatient waiting to give this to Iona.

But isn't he just adorable... I think I may make myself a big chunky fox scarf next!!


Pattern Panda Scarf by Bees Knees Knitting
Yarn Stylecraft Special DK
Hook 4.5mm

A misty morning...

There's something about a misty morning that I just love. The hills and trees seem to be more dimensional than usual. That hazy look is just beautiful. I just fall in love with the views I live in all over again.

Last week was a flurry of crochet and housework. Hopefully will do a post on them soon, lots of pandas, purple pandas no less...

What is your favourite morning weather? Do you also like a misty morning, with Around a Mulberry Bush as a theme song or do you prefer a sunshiney clear morning?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bear or lamb? Sewing again. Cozy Winter Hood

So, I've had the Oliver + S Little Things To Sew for ages. I made the Red Riding Hood a while ago. And the Sunhats pattern has been a favourite since getting the book. The Cozy Winter Hood has been on my To Do List for far too long.
In a bid to clear out my stash of fabric I had a check and realised I had enough cream cord to make one. Yay! And the scraps of brushed cotton my Mum gave me from when she made Iona's blanket were just perfect for the lining and ear inners. So soft and snuggly.

Then on further erm, organisation (not a word or action I use very often at home haha) I had leftover red cord from the Red Riding Hood! So I made Ian one too... he wouldn't entertain a photo shoot with it it on, you know because he's at big school now and being Primary 1 makes him far too big and grown up to pretend to be a bear or lamb. I seriously can't decide if these hoods look like bears or due to the ear placements that they look more like cute little lambs. Either way I love them...

I also love doing a little sewing as it's a great excuse to use my strawberry pincushion. I got this from Tracy at Mad About Bags about 4/5 years ago and it's my favourite and best pin cushion. Just the right size and super cute too. I do love the lovely people I have 'met' whilst blogging.

Luckily this girl was (kind of) willing to pose as a red Lamb... am I the only one who thinks of Red sheep for red jumpers and blue sheep for blue jumpers whilst looking at this hood? Or was that just my Dad that told us that after asking him why some sheep were black and some white?... just my Dad then haha.

Ian did as always, save me his Jammy Heart as thanks for the hood. He has NEVER eaten the centre of a Jammy Dodger or the centre of a Doh-Ring. Really he bites around the hole and leaves it. It cracks me up.

So, lamb or bear these hoods are cute and were actually really easy to sew.
Hope you are all ready for Autumn... or Spring depending on your position on this planet...


Pattern Cozy Winter Hood from Oliver+S Little Things To Sew
Fabric Cream Cord, Red Cord, Brushed Cotton,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Long overdue sewing

Now the wee guy is at school and the school dinners seem to be going down well, we needed a wallet for them. Couldn't find one that was small and child friendly in the local shops. So, I finally got round to making one for him. Using some comic word fabric I've had for a while. Perfect!

And the Bunny bum slippers are still being worn and they are apparently great for boing-ing in

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Picking apples and finding fairies

Midgies, the bain of many a Scots life. They just seem to gather wherever you want to go... but this evening we seemed to have fairies instead.

We have plenty of apples ready for the picking just now, or the eating if you happen to be a garden variety bird or wasp...

 I thought I had better grab some of the ripe ones, but quickly realised that my jumper was not going to be enough. A quick wobbly run to the garage later and massive plastic crate to the rescue. So, so many apples. If anyone knows a great apple chutney recipe please, please let me know.


See? So many apples. Still so many on the tree... and I still have to tackle the tonne or so of Elderberries. Send help, and jars. Lots of jars!!