Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 words for little changes

This year is going to be a year of small changes that on their own won't amount to much but collectively should have me living a life closer to the one I would like to live.
For this I have simply chosen a few words rather than resolutions (which I hate, as they are normally tossed aside by February)

The 5 words I have chosen are

To finish what I start - craft projects, blog posts, the garden, the decorating... and on and on and on.

To enjoy the simpler things in life and be happy that I enjoy them. I am a little homebody and love my role as Stay At Home Mum, but sometimes I feel as if I should be wanting to out buy new clothes or out every weekend. I enjoy home baked bread, the pheasant that comes to our garden every morning, the real fire in our living room and my crafting. In an age where we can have it all I can honestly say that I don't want it all. So I am hoping to live the simpler life that I want to.

This year, S and I are really hoping to become a little greener, a little less wasteful and spending as little as we can. It's no secret we are a bit skint so the last bit shouldn't be that hard

That when things aren't going exactly my way or I am feeling a little swamped with the mammoth task of raising children that I will remember to simply breathe and know that that hard moment will pass and probably be forgotten soon enough.
 Well, that word pretty much explains itself really.

2012 was hard year for many different reasons and I am determined that 2013 will be about making the changes that I would like to see. And generally slowing down and just being.

What are your hopes for this coming year? Big changes? small changes? or are you planning nothing at all? I'd love to hear your plans.


  1. Great 'words' for 2013, Emma! I usually jot down a few New Year resolutions - they're usually very simple things, but I feel that's better than trying to make huge leaps :) Small changes are quite often the best I think!

  2. What a lovely idea, I love the words you have chosen, small changes seem to be the way to go rather than promising to make great changes which are soon forgotten, best wishes to you and your family for 2013 xx

  3. Hey Emma, you chose well....these words are great and I could certainly use some of them too....FINISH, hehe.
    I already enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate them so much for they are things money can't buy.
    They are also the things I have passed on to my 21 y.o son and helped him to 'see' that life is not all about the latest, greatest, biggest and best.......but he's never been one for all that sort of thing.
    I hope you manage to hold on to these words and remember to breathe when things are a little topsy turvy, as you say 'it will soon pass'

    Claire x


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