Sunday, April 21, 2013

Abakhan Blogger Challenge Part One

So, it's that time again. My Abakhan Creative Budget Blogger Challenge. And, as normal I have more than one post on it... Otherwise this post would be more of a magazine than blog post :)
This month I got 1 metre of Balloon Fabric, Grey grosgrain ribbon, 3 balls of Jenny Watson wool, a square of felt, embroidery threads, some cord and a couple of little buttons ( but the buttons have gone walkabouts, I'm suspecting my 4 year old but have no proof!)

 First thing I made was this... An empty glass bottle wrapped in yarn. I am going to make another 2 in the other colours of yarn too. So simple and great for displaying the twigs and 'flowers' the kids keep bringing me. Oh will I be glad when Spring fully appears and they have some flowers to bring me...
 Cue arty picture of glass bottle as it was so cute I couldn't stop taking pictures, also it was actually sunny!!
Secondly I redid an embroidery I did before of this little guy... Wanna make one yourself? Here is the outline that I worked from...

Hope you like the first part of my challenge... Tomorow I should get the second part up and that will include a gorgeous peplum tunic (and the pattern pieces for the top for a 18-24 month size)...

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