Monday, May 13, 2013

Feeling at Home

There is one place that always feels like 'home' to me. And it could be any number of different places... Anywhere by the sea. It's the sound of the ocean, the smell, the view, the calmness I feel as I step onto the sand and if I'm honest it's the only reason I miss Aberdeen.
 So, on Sunday we had breakfast, dippy egg on soldiers. My besest breakfast ever!

 Then we hit Cullen Beach. Yep, the home of Cullen Skink :) which I also love.

Iona was in her little element. She is just like her Mama, straight at the sea trying to get those feet wet.

Ian insisted on taking his lightweight football, but soon asked to put it back in the car when it blew away.

And I can never resist a bit of climbing on rocks and hunting rockpools for the ever elusive crabs. We found a few shells but no live crabs.

And it would appear that someone else enjoys rock climbing too. He was adament he would climb to the top to see really really really far.

But having failed to impersonate Spiderman he opted instead to watch some Anglers at the sea edge. Although this also left him slightly disappointed that none of them caught any fish. Which led to question 'What will they eat for them supper now?' Ian is taking a big interest in how food becomes food. Which we are hoping will lead to him trying some new foods... Not that fish and apple are too bad as favourite foods of a 4 year old.

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