Saturday, July 13, 2013

A sweet treat for bear and DollDoll

 Bear and DollDoll had a tea party. But they declared it couldn't be a tea party without biscuits....

 And for such small party goers Iced Gems seemed like the only choice...

The problem was that the big party goers wanted some too. So after all that Bear and DollDoll still only had teas. Poor guys!

And to top off Bear and DollDolls disastorous Tea Party an Ionasaurus destroyed the picnic.

Now. If you'd like to make some Iced gems for some poor soft toys then you will need

Scraps of biscuit coloured yarn and scraps of icing coloured yarn (I used scraps of various Snuggly Baby Crofter DK for these)

Using a 3.5mm hook (or 4mm if you pull stitches quite tight)

For the biscuit

(working in a spiral so don't join rounds)
Starting with a magic loop
6dc into loop

2dc in each dc
dc in first dc and 2dc in next all the way round
dc in first 2 dc and 2dc in next all the way round.
finish off yarn and weave in ends (I used a knot when doing this to make it extra Ionasaurus proof)

For the 'Gem'
(working in a spiral again)
Chain 7,
 Now dc into first chain to create a loop
dc in each chain
dc in each dc
dc2tog from now on until you have 2 dc left. Finish off yarn and pull the loose yarn through the hole at top and secure and weave in (this helps create that icing drip at the top)

Now sew the icing to the biscuit base... I didn't stuff these as they are so small they don't really need it but you could if you want to


  1. Ionasaurus, that's so cute Emma.
    Love the pic of dummy in one hand and iced gem in the other.......
    Little girls and tea parties, such fun......

    CLaire x

    1. Hi Claire.
      Oh she is like a tiny dinosaur ;)
      Both of them love a tea party... we had to take the tea set with us when we went away for a few days as Ian declared they needed it hehe
      Nice to hear from you as always

  2. So sweet! Wish I could Crochet as my youngest DD would love these even though she's eight ;-) She also has a dolly called DollDoll! She couldn't say dolly when she was little, she said 'dolldoll' instead so that is what her first dolly became known as :-)

    1. They are so cute and tasty looking arent they?
      Aw another Dolldoll? Cute! It would appear Iona isn't very creative with toy names... we have dolldoll, dolly, baby girl, doggy and bear ;)


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