Friday, July 26, 2013

We went to Ireland...

 We went to Ireland last week for a few days... well me and the kids did. Steve had to stay at home to work hehe.
We stayed at a campsite right to the beach in Rush, Ireland. It was gloriously sunny and gorgeous...

Ian declared he loved the beach and was obsessed with the seaweed and jellyfish. He also went swimming in the sea and played with loads of kids at the park. All these are very unusual for Ian and since his return he has been surprising us everyday (actually before we went away too but that was 3 things in go so I'm still in shock. Although he actually ate a pea today from the pea plants outside and that beats them all)

 These flowers were so beautiful and we found loads at the edge of the road.

This was my view at 7am last Saturday and it was bliss... listening to the ocean while drinking my morning coffee was something I wish I could more often.

Of course we got home, got bathed, and told Daddy all our stories from our time away. It was good too be away but wonderful to be back home.

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