Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pixie hood for Boo and walking the cat

 Today I managed to do stuff... Got some housework done, got the farm play set out with Ian, had a chat with a friend this morning, continued toilet training Iona and got my camera out.

I also convinced Iona to wear her Pixie Hood that I made and she allowed to me get some pictures of her too... Ok, the first bit was the easy bit the second is always erm, fun these days.

Normally I don't go for such bright colours but I have to say that I am loving this hood in all its simple, colourful glory.

And as most evenings when the weather is warm we went for a walk... and as on most walks the cat came with us. Yes, our stray-but-has-an-owner cat comes for a walk with us. Bless him.

So, does anyone elses cat go for walks with them? Or just ours ;)

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