Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well now it's December...

Well it's now December. I equally love and loathe December. I love the Christmas spirit but what drives me to distraction is the busy, the bustle, the shopping and the over the top craziness when I go anywhere other than our local little town. (what can I say? I like things calm and I'm not a great crowd person)

So I am determined to take it as easy as I like this year.

We had snow already the other week. Ian was a tad disappointed that there was not enough snow to make a snow man. It also rained the same evening and washed it all away.

We've still had plenty of frost though.

But my Lemon Balm both looked pretty and tasted pretty when baked into chicken pies.

And my strawberry plant seems to be a bit confused... we bought it 2 years ago and have had 1 strawberry from it! Just before it snowed it was trying to flower but gave up after the snow and has lots of new growth instead. It's a hardy wee plant.

And as always we have been on many, many walks... and as always we come home with sticks, stones, pinecones and a new favourite, sheeps wool from the barbed wire fences.

Now, I must go as I have some handmade gifts to get cracking on as well, I have only 23 days to complete them.
Is anyone else making many gifts this year?


  1. Hi Emma - I'm with you on avoiding the craziness that Christmas shopping brings - I might just pop a couple of handmade goodies in with my pressies. I love the idea of picking the sheep's wool off the fences - I'm often tempted to do the same myself! :)
    Alison x

    1. Oh yes Alison, Ian's desire to pick wool off the fences gives me a great excuse to pick some myself doesn't it? I should find out how to clean and use it somehow.
      I've done most of my shopping onine and the rest is going to be handmade. The best way hehe.
      Good to hear from you as always


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