Friday, February 14, 2014

Rainbow crochet... brightening up the grey

It's been a fairly grey couple of weeks here. No major rain (thankfully) and just a flurry of snow so far this evening.
Iona has been complaining that she wanted a new pompom hat since I made Ian a MyBoshi beanie hat - which I will blog about soon.
So... I decided to go bright. And rainbow. But with some white to make it less well, in your face bright :)

It's half beret, half slouchy hat and that pom pom is huuuuge. I got some pompom makers from my Mum and used the biggest size. In hindsight the second largest would have been plenty big enough and I ended up giving this one more than just a trim. It started off nearly the same size as Iona's head!!

It's hard work working the camera... This girl has developed a love of posing for the 'Amera' as long as I occasionally show her the shots of her silly faces. This yawn was real though and she found it hilarious.

This quick crochet hat is such a happy sight to brighten up the grey weather. A lovely hat to match a bright and rainbow like girl. How she squeezes so much personality into her tiny frame is beyond me...


  1. It's gorgeous Emma, Iona must be such a character.
    Love the pompom too......

    Claire Xx

    1. Hi Claire,
      Yes she is a character and a half. Never stops from the morning she wakes til moment she falls asleep (often in daft places as she just goes til she drops)
      The pompom is epic ;) Iona now wants lots and lots of pompoms hehe


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