Saturday, February 8, 2014

Squeezing things in...

I have since Christmas been making a huge effort to get more things done. Small half hour blocks of just doing something instead watching tv, browsing Pinterest or 'trying to find something to do'
I have a list of things that need finished, things that I'd like to read, things I'd like to crochet, stitch or paint and a desire to eat better foods (soup is being consumed by the panful although I overdid the chillis in the last Hot and Sour noodle soup! OW!).
Now, whilst half an hour will not produce a large cross stitch picture or a pair of crochet biker gloves in the most lovely yarn. That half an hour sure does get me one step closer. Strange that, eh?



  1. This post is very inspiring! I've also been trying to get more stuff done and keep adding to that list of things to do. :) The "A place to dream" drawing is so gorgeous. If you're ever selling a print of that, I'd totally purchase one. :) It's lovely!

    1. It's hard to get more stuff done sometimes. But I found myself falling into a 'I'll do it tomorrow' kind of mindset. Amazing what half an here and there produces. and Thank You, I have a few A place to dream postacard sized paintings still left. But am looking into getting some prints done too. There is a pic on IG of a few of them

  2. Yes, I agree with Jen! Very inspiring! I REALLY need to work on trying to get more done (I think the weather and the dullness and the dark are making me really lazy at the moment). Thanks for the kick up the bum!
    LOVE the cute gloves!!!

    1. Thanks Carly... I love these gloves too. Just need to find where I can buy these clips as they were free with Simply Crochet. I'd love to make more.
      Yes the grey weather is a tad uninspiring. All I want to do is snuggle beside the fire.
      And I hope you are well, great news by the way. So exciting and can't wait to see some of your baby makes


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