Friday, February 7, 2014

Trying new things

This last month or so has been a time of new things. 
This wee man has been trying so many new things that I am amazed and humbled by the way he is managing to conquer his fears and just try.
So many new foods. Ian has always been the fussiest eater. By fussy I don't mean he just doesn't like greens. He doesn't like reds, blues, wet, mushy, purple, yellow, or remotely squishy foods. Foods that drip and foods that require a spoon have been the biggest hurdles. But...
So far this year we have added - 'naked chicken' (without crumbs), pasta in tomato sauce, baked beans, yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, chips, jam with lumps (even better it was homemade), cheese sandwiches, soft cheese and jelly and ice cream to his diet. Whilst not the vegetable laden diet me and his sister enjoy it is a massive step forward.
And so proud we are of this little man.
He has also had new teachers galore at nursery which has unsettled him but he is just going with flow as much as his sensitive soul will allow him.

 So, as treat for doing so well with trying new foods and being brave he asked to buy some marbles. So glad he likes the traditional toys. He chose these over countless characters and cars :) which was a great excuse to sew this simple drawstring bag for them. Which he was soooo happy for. Bless him.

This wee guy has also been asking to do chores... dishes have been entirely by Ian the last two evenings. He even mopped after himself as he spilt water on the floor. I suspect doing the dishes and helping with chores pleases his OCD.

All these new things have reminded me that it is sometimes a good thing to step out of your comfort zone and just try...
*I won't be going for long city drives anytime soon, my short country driving suits me just right hehe*
I took a chance and uploaded some paintings I'd done on Instagram and have been blown away by the kind words, likes and most importantly the people who have bought some.

Maybe trying new things isn't so bad and may go right in the end...


  1. What a lovely post and how proud you must be of Ian. It's funny how when they are little they like helping but once they reach their teens the novelty wears off! ;-)

  2. Tears in my eyes as the mama of another little boy who is growing and stretching himself...they are such amazing, wonderful chaps!


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