Monday, May 12, 2014

Socks! I crocheted some socks (and now my neighbours think I'm mad)

 I adore hand knitted socks... like really love them. I have knitted one pair and they took me the best part of 3 weeks to knit them though. I am such a slow knitter.

My crochet skills seem to be a whole load quicker though. So I discovered that I had some Drops Fabel in my stash, hunted about for my 2.5mm hook and searched through my crochet magazines and found a pattern. Simmerdei Socks by Bianca Boonstra in issue 51 of Inside Crochet.

I started on Friday and finished them this morning while Ian was at Nursery. Oh they are just lovely. The yarn is pretty, the pattern is beautiful but easy and even although I made a few errors on the heel, they are finished. I made them and I have to say am a little bit proud of them. A year ago I would never have attempted a crochet project in a 2.5mm hook and loved every second of it.

Now of course once I had finished them I had to take photos of them right?

We live in the middle of nowhere, but the front garden is quite visible from the country road. Before I donned my new socks and headed to the garden only 1 car had passed in the prior hour and that was S coming home. As soon as I stepped out to snap some pics every man, woman and their dog drove past. So now my neighbours probably think I have totally lost the plot. Taking photos of your lunch in the garden is one thing but taking multiple shots of your feet is admittedly a little odd ;)

Well, there you have it my nice new lacy crocheted socks.

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  1. Oooooh, these are lovely Emma! Love the colours - I have sock envy :) :) I'm missing making socks during the spring/summer but I'm sorely tempted by these!
    Alison x

    1. Thank you Alison... yes spring summer is an odd time to crochet socks but I figure then I'll have some for the autumn :)


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