Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mint sauce. Simply perfect

My herb garden is going a bit mad, think Triffid-esque parsley plant (seriously that thing has a mind of it's own). More mint than I remember planting and dill that grown taller than the children...
So, first herby user upper had to be mint sauce. My kids aren't huge meat eaters but Ian adores lamb burgers with a little mint sauce.
I love the simplicity of making mint sauce. This is the recipe I always use. Makes one jar of minty loveliness.

2 handfuls of mint (stalks and all, the young tops are better and allow your plant to grow thicker)
half teaspoon of salt (sea salt works better but table is fine too)
2 tablespoons of sugar
a splash of boiling water
white vinegar (I just use distilled white vinegar, but you could use white wine if you have it)

To a clean and sterilised jar add your mint, sugar and salt.
Add enough boiling water to just about cover the mint.
Shake jar (putting lid on first...) then leave to cool a bit with lid off.
Now add about 6 spoons of vinegar, then shake jar again.

This should keep for ages in the fridge, should but we seem to use ours quicker than I can grow the mint.

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